Elevate your track to the next level by hiring a seasoned professional. In his decades of experience as a drummer, Mike has developed a love for the studio process and refined his philosophy and methodology surrounding it. In lieu of adding fancy licks without substance, Mike takes a holistic and creative approach to the song in order to bring it to life.

Mike uses the flagship Roland TD50-KV paired with Superior Drummer 3’s advanced sampling technology. This technology allows him to provide his services remotely and at a reasonable cost.

Click HERE to check out reviews from previous clients and examples of Mike’s recordings.

The Process

To start, Contact Mike via email at [email protected]

  1. Upload your song to Mike’s DropBox. Send a version of the track without drums and one with scratch drums to provide direction.
  2. Determine whether you would like to receive WAV files bounced from each individual microphone or the MIDI track which you can use with your own software.
  3. Mike will send you the first draft for approval. Afterwards, you can provide him with feedback. This is a collaborative process and your satisfaction is his goal. Mike will make requested changes and submit two final takes via DropBox (for WAV’s) or email (for MIDI).

Virtual Recording Session Cost:

For all packages, Mike will send you small clips for each major section of your song. After approval he will send you multi-track audio or MIDI files.
There is also a 20% discount for orders of three or more songs. Mike accepts Paypal or Venmo



Revisions Included

Recording Length
(in seconds)













Further revisions can be purchased for $50 each.

Further time can be purchased for $30 per minute

Additional fees may be applied for complex arrangements