Mike was raised in Long Island and studied the fundamentals with local celebrity drummers Dom Famularo and Pete Heywood. Afterwards, he honed his musicality while attending Drummers Collective in New York City. During his formative years, Mike made an effort to play with as many different types of bands as possible, including rock, funk, gospel, salsa, and blues bands. 

Mike moved to Philadelphia in 1999 and joined the Ally, who burst onto the Philadelphia electronic jam scene, a scene that included bands such as the Disco Biscuits, Brothers Past, and Lotus. Mike became the go-to drummer for numerous Philly based side projects, including Electron, JM2, the Cookie Dusters, and Sucker Punch. He continues to perform with members of these bands over 20 years later.

Mike joined Lotus in 2009. Since then, he has played hundreds of live concerts and travelled the world playing live music to crowds as large as 25,000+ people.